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Branch Forum Candidate Forum

April 17, 2016.  On Tuesday, April 19, City and ISD candidates will participate in a forum to allow residents to personally judge the candidates in a side by side comparison.  Be sure to attend this event to be held at the rec center on Heartside Place.  We asked the candidates to each respond to two questions in advance; read below for their responses, listed in the same order they appear on the ballot.  If one appears to be missing, it is because the candidate hasn't responded.

West Side Zoning

March 31, 2016.  The most important zoning request in years was just decided against the interests of city residents.  The request was by a home lot developer to scrap PD-88, the hard fought zoning for the land in FB lying west of I-35, aka Mercer Crossing, in order to allow 566 very dense homes, 1500 more apartments, and a variety of ancillary commercial development on 268 acres.

P&Z endorsed the plan February 8 by a 6:1 vote, ignoring staff's recommendation to deny and ignoring all manner of public input.  City Council heard the case March 15 and approved it 3:2.  However the equally important issue of a long term tax subsidy is to be addressed in the future.  We will alert you when this comes around.

Curbside Recycling

April, 2016.  The City began curbside recycling service the early April.  We congratulate the long serving committee that coaxed this to completion and we thank the members of council that supported it.

Local Option Election

Updated May, 2014.  A real estate owner triggered a Local Option Election ("LOE") on the May, 10, 2014 ballot to allow the sale of beer and wine by grocery and convenience stores for off premise consumption.  It passed, 72% to 28%!

Infrastructure for a Sustainable City

Updated May, 2014.  Many mature cities have awakened to the fact that streets, sidewalks, water and sewer lines, etc. have aged.  Many of those cities are finding that maintenance has been deferred in favor of low tax rates and/or more exciting, popular programs.  Is Farmers Branch one of them?

Aquatic Center

Updated April, 2014.  The City is constructing an aquatic center adjacent to the recreation center at Hearthside Pl. and Amber Lane.  Learn about the history and the current status.

Apartment Residency Regulation aka 2903

March 3, 2014 update.  Since late 2006 Farmers Branch has been embroiled in a costly fight to drive undocumented people from the City by requiring rental property owners to verify residency status of potential tenants before leasing to them.  After spending $6 million on its attorneys and suffering defeats and additional expense on consequential cases, the City was denied their request for a hearing in the US supreme court.  Read the full article for history and more detailed status.

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