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Branch Forum is made up of local residents and business people who offer a realistic analysis of the issues affecting Farmers Branch, Texas.  We invite you to review our analysis and our position. 

We want to hear from you.  Click here to let us know your thoughts or what pleases or distresses you about what is happening in our City.  Comments or messages sent to Branch Forum may be posted on the website along with the identity of the sender. Requests from the sender to remain anonymous or to not have the comment posted will be honored.

Branch Forum will:

  • a) advocate for policies that will advance Farmers Branch
  • b) support candidates for public office who support those policies
  • c) raise funds for advocacy and support of candidates

Branch Forum is governed by a Board of Directors who contribute their time and their resources to administer the web site and other activities.  The directors are Priscilla Mowinkel, Elizabeth Villafranca, Nadia Khan-Roberts, Ruben Rendon, Matt Wenthold, and Paul Heller.


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