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City-District 4 Candidates:

Chuck Zubarik-

A. Why am I the best candidate in this race for City Council
I am the best candidate in this race for City Council District 4 for the following reasons:

1. I alone have the proven and required past Managerial Business Experience necessary to be an effective City Councilman.

2. Am the only candidate to have demonstrated my ability to improve business cost efficiencies (City expenditures), and at the same time, deliver improved services to my customers (City Residents). The basis business principal of “doing more with less.”

3. I have the only proven track record of developing entrepreneurial solutions that solve complicated problems on a system level and do not just copy an old approach that may have worked in the past.

4. I am a demonstrated team player and function well in large organizations such as Fortune 100 companies, or our City.

B. What are the qualities & attributes I would want the new City
Manager to have and how should the selection process play out.

1. I would want the new City Manager to have the following
a. Demonstrated experience managing a City equal in size, or bigger, than Farmers Branch
b. Able and willing to take direction and implement policies/tone established by the City Council.
c. Has past experience, expertise, and insight into accomplishing City economic development and housing revitalization.
d. A very personable, demonstrated motivator, and leader of people.
e. Committed to maintaining harmonious and courteous relations with all City Citizens.
f. A long range planner.
g. A fiscal conservative.

2. I would hope we would look outside as well as inside the City
For the best candidate.

3. The residents can plan a role by recommending qualified
Candidates they know to the City Council for consideration.

Terry Lynne

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Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD Candidates:

Question 1:  The Early College High School can play a big role in making college free or much more affordable for financially challenged students. However, ECHS's curriculum is more challenging than a regular high school. What would you do to make sure students selected for ECHS succeed in completing the dual degree program. Are current entrance standards sufficient to achieve the highest graduation rate?

Question 2:   Why are you the best candidate in this race for the School Board?

Frank Shor

Candidate submitted answers in .pdf form which could not be pasted in the same form as the others.  Click here to view candidate's answers.

Stalin Michael-

1. I am for education and academics. I want every student to be well prepared for the high paying jobs not just low paying jobs. In the event, if they cannot afford to spend more years in college, ECHS comes in very handy. However, based on your premise “curriculum is more challenging than a regular high school”, let the students who are capable should only attend the ECHS programs.

This is what I will do, I will implement the scorecard system with various data points to evaluate the student’s preparedness for the ECHS. If they are not prepared, I will encourage them to go through the regular school system. If they are prepared and they can accepted into the system.

2. I bring diversity, freshness and exciting public service to the board. I am an Engineer, Platinum PTA member, President of Shalom Academy for Children (home for the destitute children in India), Served as Board member for Hackberry Creek HOA, currently mentoring at Bush Middle School, visited several schools in CFBISD and understood the need for each school from the hearts of Principals and Teachers. If elected, I prefer to have first and foremost an Academic Excellence in CFBISD, one who understands the importance of education, especially STEM, and I want to apply best policies and effective programs that will continuously improve education for all our students and increase the graduation rate.

Secondly, Trusting Relationship: Build trusting relationship between community, parents, students and teachers that will bring excitement to our teachers and school administrators; and reinvigorate our relationship with parents.

Thirdly, Compassionate guidance: Focus on policies and programs that will greatly reduce the achievement gap and decrease the drop rate through compassionate mentoring.

Fourthly, Careful spending: Committed to fiscal responsibility and balanced budget. Redirect spending from those programs that do not meet certain benchmarks to those programs that work.

Fifthly, Servant leadership: With a servant leader's heart, I would like to align my vision and mission with our school board’s guiding principles with diversity, freshness and energetic public service for the betterment of the school system to benefit tax payers, teachers, students and parents.

Guillermos H. Ramos

1. I am fairly new to the board and I am not completely familiar with the details of ECHS. However, I feel that there are several measures that are either in place or should be in place to ensure the student success and completion when enrolled in ECHS dual degree program. For example the mentoring program should be readily available, if not required, as part of the ECHS program. Students that receive additional points on their application for the ECHS program are likely students that would typically be at risk, but the fact these students are applying for the ECHS program are already breaking those stereotypes. The ECHS students would benefit from having a mentor to help them succeed in the ECHS program. The mentors could provide the difference that is needed for some of the students that are having difficulty meeting the substantial challenges of the dual program. Having read the testimonials of past ECHS students they emphasize the tremendous value and sense of accomplishment that comes with completing the program.

Are current entrance standards sufficient to achieve the highest graduation rate?
I think that the current entrance standards do create a substantive measure to indicate graduation rate, but I do not think the entrance standards in and of itself provide the highest graduation rate. There are always ways to improve on goals. I go back to my first answer and emphasize the value of having mentors as a requirement or at the very least available to the students enrolled in the ECHS.

2. For the most part, the representation on the school board has always been homogenous. I bring a different perspective and ideas that bring value to the board. I hope to channel those ideas to make an impact on the district. Some of those ideas I have are to analyze the budget in more detail to see where we can allocate our resources more efficiently. I know there is a lot of resistance to the idea of resource allocation because change can be difficult. There is no harm in evaluating different options when it comes to providing some of the services we provide to our students. As a trustee another of my goals is to help obtain more mentors for our students. I currently mentor at Vivian Field and I was sad to find out the student I mentor had to wait over a year to find a mentor. There is overwhelming need for mentors for our students. The difference a mentor can make in a student’s life is tremendous and I will work towards obtaining qualify mentors for our students. Finally, as an attorney and entrepreneur, I am not afraid of hard work which is needed to be an effective trustee.

Randy Schackmann

1. Early College High School is truly an amazing program. It admits approximately 80 students a year, capacity for the incoming freshman class. It is a high priority for our current school board and for me personally.

ECHS is an opt-in program. Near the start of 2nd semester, 8th grade students at all C-FB middle schools receive extensive packets with ECHS admissions materials. During the month leading up to the application deadline counselors, teachers and administrators identify targeted students for personal solicitation. When a student chooses to apply many factors are screened in a rigorous admission selection process. GPA, behavior records and teacher recommendations are among the highest criteria evaluated in an effort to find the student who are most likely to benefit and succeed.

Current standards are working well. ECHS high school graduates students at a higher rate than the district. In addition, depending on the year, over 2/3’s of the graduates also earn an A.A. degree (consider that Dallas County Community College District’s A.A. rate is about 10%). Very high graduation rates and high academic success at ECHS is extraordinary considering three major factors: 1) well over 80% of ECHS students from free or reduced lunch program households (at or near the poverty line), 2) most admitted students are ESL (English as a second language students), and 3) a typical ECHS graduating class typically includes up to 90% students who are the first in their family to attend college.

ECHS is doing well, achieving amazing results, and is helping to make college a reality for students who might not otherwise have the chance to pursue higher education.

2. While saying I’m “best” is not really my style, I am happy to share why voters should re-elect me to our C-FB School Board.

I bring general education experience (at the local, state and national level) and proven school district specific leadership to this election. I am the only candidate who has been engaged with our schools in three major ways.

I have been an active board member helping to provide the governance leadership helping make C-FB one of the outstanding district in Texas.

I have been an active district parent. In June my son finished 13 C-FB years. His graduation culminates 65 “parental years” (5 children) in public education. I have been a “consumer” of classroom instruction, engaged with curriculum, working with gifted and special ed, involved with sports and fine arts, meeting with teachers and administration, and participating in on-going regular and special school life.

I have been an active volunteer with in all facets of district life: involved with PTA; active with multiple booster clubs; served on campus and district level committees; supported well over a hundred events as a volunteer, sponsor, and/or participant at all school levels; have been a community business sponsor and a student mentoring; and more.

I want our schools to succeed and I have a proven track record of making it happen. The difference between other candidates in this and me is experience and leadership.

John T. DeLorme

1. Early College High School at Brookhaven College is currently in its tenth year. ECHS has a 100% four year graduation rate. We have not had a student stay the four years at ECHS and not graduate. We have had students leave the program during their four years to return to their home campus. In the last four years, only one of those students did not successfully graduate from high school with their graduating class. The top reasons why students choose to return to their home campus is the rigor of the program. It is important to note that ECHS is not an academy for high-achieving students. ECHS programs were initially designed as dropout prevention programs. The students who attend ECHS must either be on free or reduced lunch, first-generation college students, or labeled at-risk. ECHS offers an incredible amount of individualized support through one-on-one tutorials, AVID, college tutoring labs, advisory programs, and low teacher-student ratios. Sometimes students determine that the program is too difficult. In order to leave ECHS, students and their families must meet with the ECHS Principal who does everything in his power to keep them at ECHS. We have begun meeting with every parent at least twice a year to review student progress and discuss options for support. We also have monthly Parent-Principal Coffees in which we discuss support systems in place at Brookhaven and ECHS. In our meetings with incoming students, we have begun preparing them for the challenge they will face and to teach them how to cope with the stress of the program. We anticipate fewer students leaving the program over the next few years because of this concerted effort to prepare students for the feelings they will feel in those first few months. CFB has many resources in place to help ECHS students be successful. CFB provides us with AVID tutors who are in our school daily. These tutors work with our students to prepare them for college classes, college entrance exams, and high school classes. Many of the tutors are ECHS graduates and can share their stories with our current students. CFB also has graduation teams in which we discuss the progress of our students and any special challenges they may face.

2. I am the best candidate for one of the 3 seats available due to my experience and qualifications. I have a personal and professional history of fairness ,competence and hard work. School Board members need a strong record of community involvement and leadership abilities. My current civic involvement with our school district is as follows:
CFBISD District Improvement Council 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 school terms
CFBISD Ambassador
CFBISD Platinum PTA community member
In addition, I have previous city board and commission experience as follows:
City of Lewisville Vice Chair Library board
City of Lewisville bond committee
City of Bedford Chair of Zoning Board of Adjustment
City of Bedford Cable board
City of Bedford Historical Committee
In addition, I have the current state experience as follows:
Texas Workforce Commission 7 years and promoted twice with the agency.
As an employee of the Texas Workforce Commission, the state agency task keeping our economy strong, I know nothing is more important than education. To keep brining businesses and jobs to our area we must have exemplary public schools to provide the educated workforce they need.

I am also an active member of my HOA Villas of Escena as a member of the transition committee and voting member. I am also a member of the Las Colinas Association.

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