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Curbside Recycling

June 18, 2013 a committee of City residents was created by Council to explore the implications and feasibility of a curbside recycling program. The committee reported and reported again.  It finally took two new council members to push this over the finish line but we have it.

Curbside recycling is a conservative practice, capturing value of recycled materials and conserving natural resources.  Capacity of the City owned Camelot landfill is a scarce resource.  It will reach capacity by a predictable date and a more expensive alternative must be found even if the City receives one time approval to expand Camelot.  City residents enjoy excellent trash and large item collection without a separate fee which many other cities charge.

The final program retains twice weekly pickup of trash and once weekly large item pickup. However the city will no longer provide bags for trash.  The savings from the bags effectively provide the savings to fund the recycling program which uses typical blue carts to store the items until pickup day.  Residents may opt out and there is a provision for assistance for handicapped and elderly residents.

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