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Infrastructure for a Sustainable City

At the January, 2013 Council Planning Retreat, City staff presented a capital improvement projects wish list, including $57 Million for streets, water, and sewer.  Many of these projects are critical and overdue.  There is no question that any meaningful amount of capital spending must be funded with borrowed money.

Council placed a proposition on the May 10 ballot to issue $23.5 million bonds for street improvements giving voters the final decision to approve the bond and to raise taxes 4.5 cents to cover the debt service required by the bond.  Click here to read the FAQ about the bond.

Branch Forum believes that past Councils have failed to prudently fund streets, sidewalks, water, and sewer projects for many years, particularly since 2007.  Instead, Council funded discretionary litigation to defend its centerpiece immigration ordinance and a series of marketing projects such as advertising, signage, festivals, limited use parks, etc.

Branch Forum strongly supports the general idea of investment in infrastructure and recommended that one vote for the bond.  We're happy to report that the bond passed by a margin of over 2:1.  We look forward to getting our streets back into great condition.  It is the key to revitalization.

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