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BF Endorses Phelps and Bernstein; take action!

Dear Branch Forum Supporters:

As you know, Branch Forum endorsed Carol Dingman for Mayor and Garrett Smith for the District 2 City Council seat. Carol Dingman had resigned from the Branch Forum Board prior to her announcement as a candidate and prior to the Board's endorsements in the first round. As you also know by now, our preferred candidates in the first round did not make it into the runoff. The Branch Forum Board met to consider if and how we would be involved in the runoff. The Board remains committed to furthering transparency and inclusion as a policy of our Mayor, City Council, and city government. We are in it for the long haul and we need to support the candidates in every race who are committed and best able to implement these and other policies we, as Branch Forum, support.

Our post card endorsing Bob Phelps for Mayor and Luther Bernstein for City Council should arrive in your mailbox today or Saturday. Click here to see the post card.

This is a critical election. As Branch Forum supporters it is essential that you take an active part:

FIRST, make sure you and your family members go to FB City Hall starting Monday and vote for Bob Phelps. Those in District 2 should vote for Luther Bernstein for the Council seat as well as Bob Phelps for Mayor.

SECOND, call you like-minded friends and neighbors and let them know how important this election is, and to vote for Bob and Luther. It doesn't matter if they voted in the first round or who they voted for. Turnout will be lower so their vote counts even more than before.

THIRD, if you are able to knock on some doors or make some additional calls, contact Bob Phelps' campaign [972-484-9388,] or Luther Bernstein's campaign [972-221-4666,,] They can each use your help.

FOURTH, the opponents in these two races have supporters that prefer shouting, slurs, and even intimidation as the way to get votes and/or discourage voting. While we abhor these methods, they do have an effect and could determine the outcome of this election and the tenor of future elections. Please, be a well-informed, friendly voice of reason and reach out to other voters. Reread steps one, two, and three above and take action.

Paul Heller, for the

Branch Forum Board

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