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Bob Phelps Announcement re: Farmers Branch Mayoral Race

From: Bob Phelps Tel 972-484-9388 Email

Many citizens of Farmers Branch have urged me to run for Mayor, by phone calls, emails and coming by my home. The input from them is that they want me to use my experience and leadership in the areas in which they see needs:

* Stabilization of City Hall
* Reconciliation of staff with citizens
* Certificates of obligation - do as citizens vote with the choices made by citizens
* Return city to solvency
* Infrastructure needs in the city

Given the number of contacts I've received, my wife Dee and I have decided that I will be a candidate for Mayor of Farmers Branch. Let's set a New Year's Resolution goal to work together for our city and a change in government that allows our citizens to be more active in the decisions affecting our lives and futures.

I would be honored and very pleased to have your support. 

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