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Branch Forum Endorses Robert Dye

Born and raised in Farmers Branch, Robert Dye has a real passion for the city, the schools and the community. He has a fresh vision for the future of Farmers Branch that focuses on development, sustainability, education, revitalization and fiscal responsibility. Robert is a young, educated professional with a triple degree in accounting, economics and finance. He received his MBA from SMU with a concentration in finance and real estate, and owns a commercial real estate firm and boutique personal training facility in Farmers Branch. Robert Dye will provide the leadership needed to unify the council, build a stronger community, and advocate for the future of our children.

Harold Froehlich represents Farmers Branch past, including many of the issues that have become a black eye for our city. Harold has been a member of City Council since 2008 and as a councilman, voted for the immigration ordinance that cost the citizens of Farmers Branch more than $7.5 million in associated legal fees. Other divisive votes included purchasing the Albertson site after voters rejected funding for it, outsourcing the Library over objections of the Library Board and Friends of the Library and voting against curbside recycling. He is not a candidate that will unify the city, the council or our school district.   Additional details regarding our concerns can be found here.

Marc Traynor grew up in Farmers Branch, had a brief background in real estate before obtaining his law degree in 2012, and is currently practicing law with Stone & Vaughn Law PLLC. Although passionate about Farmers Branch, Traynor is inexperienced in Farmers Branch local politics. We believe Marc has a bright future in Farmers Branch and we encourage him to get involved in a board or commission or consider running for a City Council seat.

Andy Olivo has years of political experience in Carrollton. He served three terms on Carrollton City Council and has 43 years of experience as an attorney. We appreciate Andy's desire to run for Mayor to give Farmers Branch citizens another choice besides Harold Froehlich, but we believe his vision and ideas will not move our city forward.

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