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Branch Forum held its candidate forum April 17.  All but one of the six candidates for office attended and responded to questions about various issues.  The event was very well attended and the questions brought out many important points.  It gave the attendees an opportunity to compare the candidates "side by side".   It also gave the board of Branch Forum more insight to temper perspectives gathered along the way; the board met April 19 and formed our recommendations.

We endorse Carol Dingman for Mayor and Garrett Smith for district 2 council seat.

We also recommend you vote FOR the street improvement bond proposition and FOR the proposition to allow beer and wine sale for off premise consumption.

We are also communicating our recommendations by mail.  Rather than repeat, please click here to see the content of the mailing.

It is now up to you to vote.  We strongly recommend you vote early.  It is easy and convenient.  Go to our voter information page for more information about early voting times and locations.

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