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Endorsements district 3 & district 5!

We thank and admire all the candidates for their willingness to serve our city and undergo the rigors of a campaign for elective office. After listening to and visiting with all the candidates, Branch Forum endorses:

City Council District 3 - John Norwood

John Norwood is involved in the community and has a grasp of the issues and challenges facing Farmers Branch. He brings substantial skills and experience to the table which will enhance the discussion and bring new ideas to solving our problems. He is articulate on the issues and is honorable, a basic requirement for public service.  John's web site is here.

District 5 - Mike Bomgardner

Mike Bomgardner brings a strong entrepreneurial background and a record of leadership to the Council, two components which we believe are currently missing. He is likeable and will likely work to influence others on the council. We look to Mike to be an activist to get good things done and to interact with the broadest part of the population. Mike will lead on curb-side recycling and keep the pressure on Addison on the road and the creek.  Mike's web site is here.

Norwood and Bomgardner were never involved in the recent immigration fight. That gives them the advantage of being able to talk with everyone in the city without any preconceived notions about who that person is or what they might think. This is essential if we are ever to reunite our residents into one community.

We urge those of you living in district 3 or 5 to vote for John or Mike.  For info on how and where to vote go to our site.

Remember, all the city council members are obligated by oath to vote in the best interests of the whole city regardless of where an issue arises.  Even if you don't live in district 3 or 5, elections matter; you can give your support to John or Mike in other ways, e.g., by contacting your friends in district 3 or 5 to vote for John or Mike.

ps:  One of the attendees at our recent candidate forum video'd the event, in two parts.  Click here for part 1 and here for part 2 to go to YouTube and see them.

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