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Branch Forum endorses Bonnie Potraza and Cristal Retana

For District 1 - Cristal Retana

Although Cristal Retana is the only candidate for District 1, it is hard to imagine anyone else who would be as qualified, passionate and committed to serving the residents in her District and citizens of Farmers Branch.

Cristal grew up in our city and attended CFBISD schools. Her love of Farmers Branch and the struggle of her immigrant parents to provide a good life for their six children gives her special insights into many of the District's challenges and opportunities.

Her work in state and local government and community-minded non-profits has exposed her to many civic problems and their various and innovative solutions.

Branch Forum endorses Cristal Retana for District 1 Council member because we believe Cristal will do well and will be a proud daughter of our city.

For District 4 - Bonnie Potraza

Bonnie Potraza brings a perspective on our community’s needs that isn’t currently represented by City Council. As the former Library Board Chair, a mom to young children in CFBISD schools, and someone who is passionately involved in local activities, Bonnie will focus on a future for our city that all residents deserve.

While Bonnie is fiscally conservative, she believes we need to strategically invest in civic assets like our library, public schools, senior center, and parks to keep up with the rapid changes in the ways we work, learn and socialize.

She believes the Council’s decision-making process must be transparent, with residents included in all phases of the discussion, from the initial working session to a potential vote on the ballot.

Bonnie believes our city's diversity is a strength. By including all voices, better decisions will be made to carry out the future of Farmers Branch. She believes as a community, we must have constructive, respectful conversations to address our different perspectives on any potentially divisive issues.

Lastly, we believe Bonnie's calm temperament and thoughtful demeanor is a positive contrast from her opponent, Terry Lynne. Lynne has spent his Council tenure bringing divisive, controversial issues to the public's attention instead of working to unify our city and move it forward.

In our opinion, he has lost the ear of the rest of the Council. Lynne is not part of solving problems, but instead leads the way in creating them. He personally attacks those who disagree with him, demeans them publicly, and has even taken legal action against some who he disliked. We believe this attack dog behavior is juvenile and unbecoming for a Council member.

For all the above reasons, Branch Forum endorses Bonnie Potraza for District 4 City Council member.

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