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Mayoral/Council candidates take on Supreme Court Decision

Candidate statements regarding US Supreme Court refusal to review immigration ordinance

Candidates for Mayor (shown alphabetically)

Carol Dingman

The good news is that 7 years of litigation is finally over.  Now we need to deal with consequences of all the bad decisions made by the Mayors and Councils since 2006.  These consequences include a multi-million dollar plaintiff award, a divided community, and loss of growth opportunities and our good name.

Right now Farmers Branch needs a Mayor who can bring the city together after 7 years of divisiveness.  My opponents were a major part of causing that division, and I don't believe either can credibly claim they can fix the problem they helped create. 

We need new ideas and faces to move our city forward. Now is the time for leadership that can rebuild a cooperative spirit in Farmers Branch by creating a common vision for our city.  My goal is to work with the Farmers Branch City Council and residents to build a common vision to move the city forward. 

I have been endorsed by Farmers Branch Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Fuller, Councilwoman Ana Reyes, Councilman Kirk Connally and CFBISD Board of Trustees member Frank Shor because they know I am the only candidate for Mayor who can rebuild our city's unity  and reputation so we can be a true force in the Metroplex again.

David Koch

It’s a new day in Farmers Branch.  The Illegal immigration ordinance issue is over, and it is time to refocus on moving the City forward and continuing with the many successes we have enjoyed over the last 6-7 years.  These successes form the blueprint for continued progress and revitalization.

We saw more than a dozen new restaurants open in Farmers Branch while I was on Council. But, we need more, like Four Corners Café, Fuzzy’s Tacos, Tuscany, Mangos, Panda Express, Tortas Las Tortugas, Hibashi Grill and the latest, iheart Kolache.

The heartbeat of the City will remain strong and healthy, but only if we continue the revitalization efforts throughout town. Just four short years ago the Four Corners area was a blighted and embarrassing center of town. Now, each corner is seeing new life with facade makeovers and new tenants which, in turn, are providing more options and conveniences for the residents and increased revenues for the City.

It is true that a rising tide lifts all boats.  We brought scores of new businesses to our City and created thousands of new jobs over the last several years.  Our property values have rebounded strongly following the greatest recession since the depression. With so many new commercial and residential projects under construction or recently completed and the high demand for houses in Farmers Branch, our real property values are now surpassing pre-recession levels.  It was great to receive recognition for strong fiscal/budget management when the City’s Bond Rating was increased from AA to AA+ in 2011. My goal is to take us to the top level of AAA.

Every time one of the City’s positive events is downplayed or derided or a negative is accentuated or fabricated, the City and its citizens are harmed.  Each day is an opportunity for uniting, and each one of us plays a part in that - not tomorrow or after an election, but today.

From 2007 through 2013 I was part of a Council that appointed more than a dozen minorities to City Boards and Commissions, which is far more than in decades prior.  Actions, not rhetoric, will propel Farmers Branch to greatness in the future. The question is can you get to greatness dwelling on the past or rather by building on success.  I believe it starts and ends with building on the successes.

Bob Phelps

The results of this decision are exactly the results that our city attorney John Boyle told us at the time that this was started, he told us that all we were going to do was spend a lot of tax payer dollars that could be better used.  I think the main thing we need to do is to unite our citizens together because this issue has split apart our community. 

Candidates for City Council, District 2 (shown alphabetically)

Luther Bernstein

I am not a lawyer, so I cannot comment on the legal ramifications of the Supreme Court decision.  As a citizen of Farmers Branch, I feel that the previous group of city council members should not have attempted to spend city money to appeal an ordinance that was not city business, but  was instead a federal issue. 

Going forward, the first step is to pay the $2 million to the opposing legal council.  The second step is to find financial resources to finish building the aquatic center so the City will not have to cut back on the original plans.  The Project is now on hold. Therefore now the Children of Farmers Branch will not have a swimming pool this summer.   The third step is to attempt to find a way to send out a positive image of Farmers Branch to the public as opposed to being known as “the city of lawsuits” which is our current reputation. 

If elected to the city council, I will work diligently towards putting this issue behind us and placing emphasis on restoring the aura of unity and family, as well as continuing to develop our economic vitality.

Harold Froehlich

Declined to comment.

Mark Garrett Smith

My campaign slogan is “Let's build a new reputation”, and I believe the Supreme Court decision paves the way for us to do so."

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