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What happened at the candidate forum?

On April 1, Branch Forum conducted a well attended candidate forum.  All five candidates were present in person.  Branch Forum is pleased at the turnout and by the serious, professional approach taken by all participants.

Each candidate was given several questions, some from the audience and some from the sponsor.  Moderator Heller even managed to work in an April Fool's Day question which created some momentary anxiety among the candidates. 

All the candidates were given a "homework" question, "How well does the city perform in welcoming and supporting different segments of our population?"  We felt this would provide insight into how each of the candidates thinks about different demographic segments of the city.  All of the candidate responded; click on their names (listed alphabetically below) to see their respective responses:

District 3

Brenda Brodrick

John Norwood

Andy Olivo

District 5

Mike Bomgardner

David Merritt

We hope all, particularly those of you in Districts 3 & 5, will critically review each of these statements and factor that into your thinking as you decide who to support.

You should also review the candidates' answers to the Dallas Morning News for their Voter Guide.

If you have questions, we're sure the candidates themselves would be glad to hear from you.  Their contact info is listed in the DMN Voter Guide.  Or let us know.  We'd be glad to help.

Finally, keep an eye on this space.  Branch Forum will make their recommendations in a few days.


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